Surrey Ultimate's Board of Directors


Stacey Wilson
Field Manager

Ultimate Experience: Began in 2001 playing with the Toronto Sport and Social Club, then moved to Vancouver and played in the VUL for Easter's Cancelled and Festivus before joining the SUL (30 is the new 20 and Gangreen).
Favourite Throw: Flick


Ryan Koop
Site Manager

Ultimate Experience: Playing since 2000 in Regina, SK (Flywheel), South Korea,
Bangkok, Vietnam, Langley and now in Surrey since 2008 (Subprime, Purple
People Eaters)
Favourite Throw: I/O Flick


Natasha Alikova 

Ultimate Experience: White Elephants
Favourite Throw: Backhand

Nahla Palmer

Ultimate Experience: VUL (2004 - 2007), Burnaby Ultimate League 2006, Surrey Ultimate League: 30 is the new 20 (2009 inaugural season champions), 50 Shades of Pink, BEE
Favourite Throw: Flick

Supreet Malhi
Community Growth and Development

Ultimate Experience: Kwantlen Park Secondary, Vortex, Simon Fraser University, Walt Discney
Favourite Throw: Forehand Huck

Jared Ginter
Field Manager

Ultimate Experience: 15 years, in a variety of leagues, teams, tournaments in Ontario and BC. Currently playing with the White Elephants.

Favourite Throw: Full field O/I flick 

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