Captain's Roles & Responsibilities

Before the start of the game / season:
  • Register your team & get your team mates to sign up prior to the registration deadline to secure a spot.
  • Bring all necessary equipment with you to each game.
  • Make sure your team has read and understands the rules to Ultimate (including SUL exceptions and additions) before the start of the first game. 
  • Be the contact person for your team so that other team’s captain can contact you and notify your teammates with important announcements.
  • A team that knowingly is going to forfeit must message the opposing captain  (via our site login > schedule > current week opponent team captain) well in advance to provide them notice as a courtesy. 
During and at the game:
  • Ensure you and your team adhere to SUL rules at all times.
  • Discuss any issues with other Team's Captain prior to, during or after games played to resolve any issues from continuing.
  • Keep score of each game. Verify opponent’s score is the same as your’s before leaving field.
After your game:
  • Report scores and spirit points online within 24 hours of the game end.
How to Submit Scores
Captains, you must submit your scores after every game. Playoff seeding is based on standings that you submit, so if you don't submit them, we go off of the standings heading into the playoff week -- please continue to make sure these are correct and up-to-date. 
4 easy steps on how to submit them:
  1. First login 
  2. Click on your team name (when on the "dashboard" page)
  3. Scroll down and click on "Record Scores" or a "pencil icon" as shown in image below:
  4. Enter your results of your game(s) played and submit. 
If in the event your opponent inputs the wrong score you can choose to "dispute the results" online, or simply email us.
5. Visit the Captain's Corner and choose the "Spirit Score" tab and complete and submit the form.

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