SUL Rule Exceptions

A. Teams

  1. All players must complete the online Waiver of Consent before playing any game. 
  2. Captain must report game scores & spirit scores to league coordinator.
  3. Teams must have a minimum of 14 players on their roster.
  4. Teams must have a minimum of 6 players on the field to play. ie. you can play shorthanded with a min. of two players of each gender.  
  5. Gender ratios don't have to match the opposite team. i.e. 4 girls and 3 guys can play against 4 guys and 3 girls.
  6. Each team must have a light and dark uniform or distinctive jersey at each game.
  7. To be eligible for playoffs, a player must be on the team's roster and have played a minimum number of regular season games: 
    -minimum is at least 6 games for Summer league.

B. Fields

The SUL uses a 10 yard brick. 

C. Game Timing

Regular Double-Header format

  1. Games are to 13 points with a point cap at 15.
  2. Game 1 starts at 6:15 and game two at 7:30. Teams are expected to be ready within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time. A team has forfeited if they are not ready to play with the minimum number of players on the field 15 minutes after the start time.
  3. Each team has 2 timeouts per game lasting 2 minutes. There is no half-time.
  4. Hard-cap starts at the scheduled end time.(e.g. 7:15pm and 8:30pm in summer)

D. Other

  1. For forfeits/defaults, the ready team is awarded a 6-0 win. The defaulting team will be charged a $25 default fee if they did not properly notify the other captain in advance. 
  2.   If your opponent is not ready to play by 5 minutes after the start time, one game point will be given to your team for each 5 minute delay. After 15 minutes of waiting, the game is considered a forfeited game. A team has forfeited if they are not ready to play with the minimum number of  6 players on the field (see gender ratio rule in team section).  Although a forfeit will be recorded, teams are encouraged to still play for fun if possible with the number of players present.  Note that once a game is forfeited, any subsequent scores will not count, regardless of outcome.  A team that knowingly is going to forfeit must contact the opposing captain well in advance to provide them notice as a courtesy.
  3. When hard-cap occurs, complete the point in progress and stop. A point has started if one team has signaled to the other they are ready for the pull. Games cannot end in a tie. 
  4. Timeouts are not allowed once a game has been capped.
  5. Foot-blocks - Default foot blocks are out, but captains must agree with each other at the beginning of the game to have foot blocks in.

E. Spirit

Ultimate relies on a spirit of sportspersonship, which places the responsibility of fair play on the individual. Highly competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of the mutual bond of respect between players; and never with an intention to abuse the agreed upon rules of the game or destroy the pure joy of play.

Actions that go against these principles may hasten the day where Players no longer control the game. Playing by the Spirit-of the Game will help Ultimate remain a game where each of us is free to decide, for themselves, what fair play means to him or her. Remember, no set of rules can replace a player's respect for one another and the Spirit of the Game.

*Teams are encouraged to participate in a Spirit Circle at the end of each game and give a "shout out" or praise to at least one player from the other team. Ex: Best layout, Best game Spirit, Best Lady
** At the end of the season, the team with the highest spirit scores earned throughout the season will be awarded Spirit Champions

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